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  • The Field Auxiliary

    The Field Auxiliary

    About The Field Auxiliary The Field Auxiliary is a Chicago-based recording/performance ensemble initiated by the kinetic release of potential energy waveparticles via the limb tips of songer/wrongrighter Dan Smart and collaborators Rob Jensen, Jon Ozaksut, and Josh Kalvelage. Gaining in both gravity and, it follows, orbital rotation since 2008, The Field Auxiliary exhibits, both in performance and on record, a layered and multi-conversational experimental pop music that exists continuously and in tenuous accordance with various hopelessly irreconcilable catechisms.

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  • Stolen Silver

    Stolen Silver

    Despite often near gale force winds, local guys Stolen Silver performed an amazing three song set for the rooftop sessions. The first song, Circles, showcases the band as a harmony driven folk pop master in Chicago. This was the second session in a series on our compatriot Jim’s roof in the swinging Logan Square neighborhood. These guys are the real deal!  This was made quite obvious as soon as I heard the audio from my on-board camera mic and it […]

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  • Tom Schraeder and His Ego

    Tom Schraeder and His Ego

    This was our first shoot at this fabulous Logan Square rooftop.  Tom and Dan performed four riveting songs, and as the night progressed, a small crowd of local bar hoppers came up to join us in the fun. Two other people who make cameo in this video are our friend  Jonathan from Good Evening Chicago (guy carrying the PBR) and Jim ( hanging on top of the edge of the roof, wearing an orange shirt; he is the guy thanks to […]

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  • Jennifer Hall

    Jennifer Hall

    Despite the threatening rain, and heavy fog, Jennifer Hall and friends were able to showcase their soulful and sultry vibes.  Great vocals, tight keys, and punchy guitar showcase this group’s deep-seated talent and artistry. JENNIFER HALL (Like I lie to you) from ROOFTOP SESSIONS CHICAGO on Vimeo. Like I Lie to You is an emotionally driven song that showcases Jennifer’s amazing vocal flexibility.  I will never forget the moment I first heard her voice coming through the headphones.  I never […]

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  • The Wandering Endorphin

    The Wandering Endorphin

    This was the first shoot at our friends Gus’ house. Jim (The Wandering Endorphin) dazzled us with his incredible finger picking and tapping guitar skills. Especially in regards to the tapping style, Jim very well may be considered as the finest that Chicago has to offer. For the Rooftop crew, we had heard of Jim before, but were completely blown away to witness the incredible performance up close and personal. Despite the unceasing accompaniment of the local Cicada tribe, the […]

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  • Guy Corl

    Guy Corl

    GUY CORL (Skeleton City) from ROOFTOP SESSIONS CHICAGO on Vimeo. GUY CORL (Winner) from ROOFTOP SESSIONS CHICAGO on Vimeo. About Guy Corl Guy Grace (Corl) was born during the winter of 1978 to a good home in the dying steel town of Youngstown Ohio. Though his young childhood was a happy one, the family was uprooted by economic development westward, and resettled in the small northwestern town of Bryan Ohio during the late 1980s. Cut from their roots, each member […]

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  • Rue Royale

    Rue Royale

    Halfway blind was the first of the three songs performed by Rue Royale. The location for the video is the original location for the rooftop sessions (Old Irving Park neighborhood; north side of Chicago) In the beginning of the video, there is a shot of the band coming to the sessions. The white-haired gentleman helping the band with their equipment is in fact not homeless, but rather one of our original camera operators. J Coleman who was kind enough to […]

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